lunch and code

lunch && code

Bi-monthly get together for Guernsey technologists

Programmers, developers, designers, security enthusiasts... even if you're not a techy please, grab your sandwiches / sushi / carrot sticks and come along and potentially learn something new.

What's it about?

Varied themes of a technical nature - coding, languages, game development, toolkits, electronics, AI, machine learning...

"Look what I made" sessions / show and tells...

General tech discussion...

But we'll inevitably cover any topic that's generally of interest to techy types!


Third Wednesday every other month from 1200 for around 30-45 minutes (but definitely no more than an hour.)


The Shed at the Digital Greenhouse in St Peter Port.

How much?

Nada, nilp, zip, zilch, rien, nicht.... free!

Fancy speaking / presenting / showing off?

We are looking for people to present - can be anything: some code, an idea, something you've built, a review of a product or toolkit, or a round-up of a conference you've been to.

We're also really keen on show and tells - have you built something mega? Come and show it to us.

If you're interested, please don't be shy... drop us a note.


Month Date Theme Location RSVP
January, 2020 Weds 22/01/2020, 1200
  1. Welcome back to L&&C
  2. What is the GGJ
  3. Show & Tell: Browser Games
Digital Greenhouse>
March, 2020 Weds 18/03/2020, 1200 Cancelled due to Coronavirus Digital Greenhouse>
May, 2020 Weds 20/05/2020, 1200 Cancelled due to Coronavirus Digital Greenhouse>
July, 2020 Weds 22/07/2020, 1200 Cancelled due to Coronavirus Digital Greenhouse>
September, 2020 Weds 23/09/2020, 1200 TBD - Chris Stewart - AR / VR / 3D modelling! Digital Greenhouse>
November, 2020 Weds 18/11/2020, 1200 TBD Digital Greenhouse>

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